23:50 17/11/2016 Initiative Technology completes the process of development - KEEPACC.

Initiative Technology completes the process of development - KEEPACC a unique automation and metering systems for modern establishments of different formats.

All brilliant - easy! That simplicity, flexibility and convenience were the main principles of our new universal platform. By paying a minimal monthly fee, entrepreneurs and their companies have at their disposal a reliable stand-alone tool that will be the basis for businesses at all stages of professional services.

How it works? Everything is very simple! Download KEEPACC from Google Play or the AppStore, then register and configure the application for a small shop or a whole chain of restaurants. For an accurate and transparent business management you will not need any special accounting knowledge. Our developers have made a big effort to provide the end user as simple and flexible interface that can conveniently displayed on the screen of your smartphone or tablet to all transactions, reports, accounts and statistics in real time.

Monitor the work of their own places here and now, wherever you are! Cloud application structure allows you to comfortably monitor the point remotely. All personal data are stored on mirrored servers located in different countries. The loss of connection to the Internet is not a problem for a fully autonomous system, which will continue to work as usual, and then automatically load the successfully accumulated off-line data in the cloud.

Point of sale KEEPACC will be for you one more business automation tool. Conducting transactions via tablets with installed application from the Initiative Technology will make the service more easy and transparent. Now, waiters place orders in just one click, and you have the ability to track any movement of money on-line. Absolute synchronization of balances cash drawer binding, printing checks and customer base is now in one easy and quick application.

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