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First of all website development involves professional programming. While creating your own Internet representation it is important to make the right choice and take the help of a team of experienced it-professionals. Initiative Technology developers have all the necessary skills as well as advanced tools for creating attractive and functional websites.

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The use of popular platforms and common programming languages

Currently Initiative Technology developers actively use the following open source platforms:

.Net The special feature of the .NET tongue is complete freedom of action and optimization of coding time. The .NET Framework during its existence has shown itself as a reliable, effective and safe programming language. Using .NET it is easy to administer and maintain pages.
Java One of the oldest, time-proven programming languages has a huge number of followers and supports multiple libraries. Such tools as lucene, Eclipse, tomcat and hibernate make Java coding more comfortable and efficient. Detailed structure of the language doesn’t cause programming problems but ensures the stability of development.
Php Hypertext Preprocessor programming language is best suited for the development of dynamic content. Interacting with databases PHP provides additional opportunities in the development of Web applications and its software.
Html 5 / Css 3 HTML5 is widely used by Initiative Technology developers as a universal programming language. It is suitable both for the Internet coding and for the development of the different devices’ functional applications. The HTML 5 coding process is characterized by logic and flexibility.

Currently Initiative Technology developers actively use the following open source platforms

Drupal Drupal is best suited for quick and easy development of sites for business. This platform is by and large focused on security and enterprise-class scalability.
Wordpress Flexible and reliable WordPress platform has become the basis for the development of a huge number of different Web sites. WordPress special features: easy management and effective optimization. The abundance of the functional themes and e-commerce updated plugins open up additional opportunities. Wordpress is a successful choice of entrepreneurs all over the world.
Magento The choice of Magento in the first instance means the need to develop e-commerce project. The brightest advantages of the platform are an abundance of original mobile templates, multifunctionality and exact model-view counters.
Joomla Joomla is a worthy tool for developing functional websi tes with the ability to use multiple extensions and unique patterns. Popular platform provides the flexibility and multi-level control.
Oc-store CS-Cart platform based on MySQL and PHP is an excellent basis for the commercial orientation. Here you can find dozens of comfortable payment methods, popular shipping options and other useful functions. CS-Cart provides the necessary resources to create a functional online store.

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