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Business efficiency in modern conditions largely depends on the functionality of enterprise software. Initiative Technology developers can optimize company’s business processes to provide an excellent performance.
Phased development of the unique product The original business idea is fully integrated by Initiative Technology specialists. We count the future costs, develop marketing strategies and bring a new product to the competitive market environment.
Development flexibility After reaching the main objectives set at the beginning of the pre-software development customers often require additional optimizations. Initiative Technology expands the active influence adjusting the custom working methods for specific situation. Our experts work together in teams using non-standard and flexible software development methods. The process is closely supervised by high skilled Initiative Technology manager who represents the interests of the customer.
Project rescue There are situations when the software is necessary to develop for a short time. At that rate the necessary documentation, the source codes may be partially unfinished or missing. Initiative Technology developers know the value of time so try to assess the situation quickly and make a plan for early project completion.
Quality assurance and in-depth testing Before starting the software we need the product independent quality control and any technical bugs fixing. Initiative Technology provides a service for a focused and complex effectiveness testing. In order to verify the software quality quickly and efficiently we will consult your developer team and closely cooperate with it.
Remotework Initiative Technology has established a connection system with customers from the US, Western/Eastern Europe, Russia and other countries of the world. Easy organization structure of the company allows us to work closely with your team in real-time increasing the efficiency of software development.
Before we start the software development Initiative Technology experts team analyzes the specifics of the enterprise, discovers the key issues and basic needs of the customer. The findings will help us to create the perfect product complying with the specific requirements. Integrated software development includes a full cycle of optimization procedures. Experienced Initiative Technology experts can create a reliable and cost-effective product development strategy at all levels.

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