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Global Internet users’ mobility is actively used by developing companies that have taken care about creating a functional mobile application for business in time. Experience all the advantages of flexible and user-friendly applications on your own example!
Interface design
Optimization fo the business processes
Thorough application testing
System integration and quality assurance

Being pioneers of the mobile industry Initiative Technology has a rich experience in application development and it’s proud of the brilliant reputation achieved over the years. We believe the most effective way to maintain the competitiveness of the company is the rigorous staff recruitment. Our developers are young, creative and high skilled specialists with full knowledge and understanding of the common mobile platforms. Our large professional team consists of talented designers and experienced developers who use the most effective tools to solve creatively the delicate problems. Tell Initiative Technology experts how you see the perfect mobile app and we will erect a reliable pillar to support your business.

Initiative Technology develops addictive games that have attractive design and a complex structure:

Animations Realistic effects for games and mobile apps are developed using the best modern tools
Sound effects Application sounds reflect the activities of the entire system. Selecting a suitable sound for the gameplay we enliven the application
Video Our approach to creating the video for games is very serious so videos are always developed by the best Initiative Technology minds

The process of developing complicated applications is completely worked out and optimized, whereby the cost of our services is much lower than its competitors. Before starting the work Initiative Technology developers analyze the game rigorously in order to identify redundant functions and put forward the cost reduction concept. After primary designing of the product’s user interface it’s provided to the customer to define the improvement strategy and application’s weaknesses. Approval of the design means a transition to the project’s programming part. At this stage the game is finally tested and prepared for the active use.

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