23:53 17/11/2016 Initiative Technology begins to develop a new software for the public transportation.

Initiative Technology begins to develop a new software for the public transportation. Our developers took up the outdated automation of the public transport of the CIS countries.

Today, public transport is a part of our daily lives. The constantly increasing number of passengers defines stricter requirements for modern buses, trolley buses and minibuses, the movement of which it is currently ordered and systematized very conditional. Solve one of the most pressing problems of our modern times you have been entrusted with the most creative IT-professionals who use in their work GPS monitoring system, realistic simulation technology of passenger flows and the latest software solutions.

Fully finished product Initiative Technology company plans to introduce the general public in the form of the most regulated system that will provide an opportunity to monitor the route, which is used by the traffic, up to monitor passenger traffic and time spent by the individual driver to overcome the distance inherent in the database.

The developed software not only optimizes the movement of public transport, but also contributes to the safety of passengers on the road. Specialized software from Initiative Technology will allow for the analysis of evacuation and emergency situations in order to prevent road accidents by using advanced motion algorithms and modeling of existing schedules.

Experience partial and even full automation of the public transport is not so long ago used by developed European countries, who have offered innovative solutions for modernization and previously already feel the benefits of such a transport infrastructure. Initiative Technology takes over the experience of foreign colleagues and implement their own development, to offer modern passenger a new, more convenient and comfortable way to travel.

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